About us

We are 19 years service providing company in the stone crusher shaft manufacturing field. We are the suppliers of quality stone crusher Eccentric-crank shaft of all makes and all sizes for all types of crushers. We are manufacturing shaft for grease type, oil type, cone type and all other imported crushers. High quality hardened & tempered & fully grind shafts.

About our process:

Material used: EN-9, EN-19,EN-24,(Forged Material) Heat Treatment: Hardening & Tempering as required for shaft design Grinding: full grinding finish for all tolerances Testing: Full chemical analysis to confirm the material composition and its properties. Ultrasonic testing for crack free material.

Quality control:

Our quality control department is maintained by WELL QUALIFIED ENGINEERS through stage By stage inspection process at all levels. This includes chemical testing, ultrasonic testing, hardness testing and dimensions as specified in the standards.

MTR Group Offers

  • Shaft For Cone Type Machines : Shaft For Cone Type Machines which are robust and are used for crushing purposes. During crushing, pressure is applied instantly and the material get break by impact.
  • Eccentric Shaft For Oil Type Machines : We supply wide range of oil type crusher shafts for various models which are more productive & last for years.
  • Eccentric Shaft For Grease Type Machines : Our clients can avail from us different types of Eccentric Shaft For Grease Type Machines, which are durable and long lasting.